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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Running Stuff

This morning I was out running and, as unusual as it is, a fellow runner was running up my street.  It is only unusual because it was the start of my run which meant it was a little before 4:30 AM. I saw this runner way down the street he had on a head lamp and reflective vest.  I thought can't miss him.  Then I saw my little flower shaped LED reflector clipped to the bottom of my white tech shirt. 

When I got home hubby asked me how my run was.  I told him I saw another runner and he had a head lamp.  He asked me if it was our friend Mitch, who also runs a part of my route.  I laughed and said not with a head lamp. Mitch is very old school.  Running shorts, singlet, shoes and maybe GPS watch.  He is not into gadgets and extras.  I thought about getting ready to run every morning I have my Road ID, my Iphone with Rock My Run and I Smooth apps running, Yurbuds, a Nathan's belt, my water bottle that gets left at home.  Don't forget Bodyglide, the 6 shoes I have in rotation, countless tech shirts, sports bras, running skirts, shorts, tights, and capris, and a running hat.  I spent a part of Monday ordering flipbelts for hubby and I, so we can better carry our running stuff!  I almost forgot what I used to spend money on before I started running.  I am sure I had something.  Then of course there is the Nuun, sports beans, honey stingers, etc.  It occurred to me that runners might embody that old George Carlin bit about stuff and buying stuff for your stuff and a place especially to store your stuff so you can get more stuff. 

I am pretty sure I can run with less.  I have.  I actually enjoy running naked, but hubby feels better when I have ID and a phone at 4:30 in the morning.  I know before I started running I always rolled my eyes when hubby came home from the running store with another pair of shoes or a new must have gadget.  I mean how many pairs of running shoes do you need?  Right! I know I am sure I still owe him an apology. 

Do you have a lot of running stuff?  What can't you live without?  For me Bodyglide!


  1. Lol....Road ID is a must in my opinion. As for shoes.....I have put myself on a spending freeze for *at least* 8 months. :P

  2. lol I enjoyed that--you do a great George Carlin!

  3. Thanks for the Rock My Run shout out Kathy! Glad we made your list of running stuff :) Rock on!