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Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Happens Happens Don't Lose the Joy

So I completed my last 10mile training run today.  I will be cutting back to running 5 days a week about 3 miles.  May do 4 or 5 next weekend depending on how I feel.  I want to have fresh legs as I go into the Soldier's Half a week from next Saturday.  I feel prepared.  I have trained for this half more than my first.  I have done more long runs and increased my pace, strength training, and speed work.  I feel like I have done everything I can.  What happens race day happens.  Either way I will be happy and proud of myself.  I know the training has made me a better overall runner.  If that doesn't show up in one race so be it.  I will commit to have fun no matter what.  I am running for a good cause the Fallen Soldiers Charity, and hubby and I are celebrating our 15 year Anniversary that weekend.  We will be combining racing and enjoying Columbus and the suite I booked for us, coincidentally right across the street from the number pick up and starting line. 

There are so many things you can't control for on race day.  Maybe you aren't 100%, maybe the weather sucks.  I am 100% sure that I can control for my attitude and I can enjoy the race I have worked hard for even if I don't make my sub 2 hour goal.  No one can take away the hard work and the benefits of the hard work on my running. 

I am also proud because this half is all me.  It is a reflection of my training. My first half hubby helped so much, because he toughed out 8 mile training runs with me and I only had to do my two longest runs on my own.  This time with his nagging foot injury, I had no one but me to depend on.  It was all on me to stick with the commitment and go out the door and say "today I am running 12, see you in a few hours."  I am proud that I did it. 

I thought about that today as I was running my 10 miles. I focused on an easy effort run today.  Goal was to run what you feel comfortable running and be able to breathe mouth closed.  I thought that should be 10minute mile. It was about a nine minute mile for the first 5miles then about 8:30.  As I passed the .3 mile marker on my way back to the zero mile where I was parked, I remember the first time I saw my husband while he was on a run after work and I was on a run after work. I ran from the 2.6 mile marker back toward zero and he ran from zero toward the 2.6.  That was also the first run I ever ran more than 3 miles.  I also remember hubby passing me saying "you looked so good I did not know it was you."  He has been there for me, cheering me on the whole way.  Even though he could not train with me I am so grateful to him.  I remembered that support today when I was nearly done.  I know he has been frustrated with this foot injury, but I know he will be back to full strength and I will be done with my half and we can go back to our regular runs. Of course I will continue to push him into one long run a weekend, but no 10 milers I promised. 

Who pushes you even when they aren't there physically?

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  1. Kathy, it sounds like you are ready for your race! You're right...when race day comes you just do what you do and all of your training pays off. I obsessed over the weather before my marathon but, either bad weather or good weather (which it was) I would've run it anyway.
    Great attitude!