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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Training This Week... Sucked

This week just sucked.  As I hit four weeks before Diva Half I was all geared up to kick it up a notch and then, oh yeah my body reminded me I am old!  So first I have been dealing with periodic cysts under my am from a blocked sweat gland.  This week it was super painful.  Picture above is me toughing out the Jog Days 5K today after my husband mercifully ran ahead so I could push through and get this one  in the books without the guilt of holding him back.  In case you are wondering it is way harder to run without moving your right arm at all.  Just to add to the fun this week for no apparent reason I woke up Thursday AM with pain in my left calf and I could feel a knot.  Nothing like racing in calf sleeves in a simulated rain forest climate.

So the impact of all of this lead me to two rest days Wednesday and Friday.  A 30:28 on Jog Days 5 K today and only two strength training days.  I still have a long run on tap for tomorrow.  I will spare you the gory details but my painful cyst did not survive my race today even when I was not moving my arm.  After a messy day I should have my least painful run of the week tomorrow, at least my arm should be less painful anyway.

I will fill you in on the run.  Hopefully it won't be as ugly as this week.  Oh well next week is another opportunity.

Hope your fall race training is going better than mine.


  1. That WAS a nasty week! I would kill for that 5K time, though! Hope next week that the training is easier and productive!

    1. Thanks, Brian. I am confident you will hit your :30 5K goal. Just keep at it.