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Sunday, August 17, 2014

What a Difference a Week Makes

A friend did not believe all my running stuff, including Mace, is Pink.  Also a 10 mile run in August heat always sounds like a good idea before you start.

Last week I was fully convinced that I was totally out of shape and hated running.  It was a rough training week and the first time in forever I took two rest days.  This week was a whole different story.  My body felt better and all my workouts went according to plan.  Of course it may help that I did not have to stop every mile to either clean up blood under my arm or stretch my left calf out.  Running is sometimes an ugly sport and it certainly was for me.

This week I made all of my strength training days at the gym.  I can really tell a difference on my runs now that I am more regimented and serious about my strength training.  Not to mention my abs are little tighter, and who is going to complain about that.  The week had been going well, but with the rough time I have been having and the heat I was still nervous about my planned 10 miler today.

Days like today make me even more grateful to have a husband who runs.  I know he knew I had been having a rough time.  He suggested we do my long run down at the Beltline to look at art and explore.  He said he would do 6 with me then I could finish up and he would go take reference pictures for the lesson he is doing with his kids on graffiti inspired art.  It was great to have him.  First he kept me slower and we explored some new areas.  That always makes a long run better.  I stuck to my goal of between 10:30-11/min miles.  It was beautiful out but a little warm by the end.  He was also great about getting up on a Sunday at 7:30 AM so I did not have to run in the heat of the day.

Post 10.2.  Still feeling okay

All in all a good week with 26 miles under my belt, and my double digit run done before Diva Half.  This coming Saturday is one of my favorite ATC races the Atlanta's Finest 5K to benefit the police Benevolent Society.  It is so cool the cadet class runs it while chanting cadence.  I am sure hubby will pull out his Reno 911 shirt, because that is how he rolls.

I hope you had a good training week.  I am on the downhill now until Diva.  Race on Saturday and probably a slow easy 5 mile recovery run Sunday.

Today I am grateful for my husband who helped to make the 10 miler today doable and gave up sleeping in on Sunday!


  1. Yay, im glad things turned around for you this week! That's great that your husband went on the run with you. It definitely helps to have company :)

    1. Thanks. I hope you had a great weekend! Sounds like you had big plans!

  2. That's great! I'm so glad you're feeling more confident about things. Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies and we can really sabotage ourselves. It's good to be able to break free of that.

    I love all your pink!

  3. I hear you with the running being an ugly sport sometimes. I always feel like the minute I feel on top of it, i fall back. I also recently had a bad training week and even went so far as to say "if the next run sucks I am giving up running" but typical to running I had a great run after I rested and completely forgot about cancelling running altogether! Good luck for your Diva Half - it sounds like a fun run! X