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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

OMG! Comedy of Errors!

Today was a crazy day with a good friend at work.  We had a meeting in downtown Atlanta and we took her company vehicle.  We are stuck on Interstate 75 in typical Atlanta morning rush hour traffic.  I keep hearing a ding.  I ask her what it is.  Then I look at the dash.  We are out of gas!  We coast over to a shoulder and fortunately while I try and arrange AAA help, the DOT Hero unit pulls behind us and gets us back on our way.  We are only a few minutes late for our meeting.  GDOT Hero Units and those who work on them rock!!!

We are downtown for our three hour meeting.  We are very focused on finding a gas station.  Maybe a little too focused!  We get to the car and my friend is frantically rummaging through her purse.  "Where are my keys?  Have you seen my keys?"  We head back from the parking garage retrace our steps.  Leave her business card with everyone at the facility and head back to the car. This is the discussion that followed, if it gives you a flavor for the day.

My friend: Now what are we going to do?  Stand here by the car?  Did I drop them by the car?
Me: We don't need to stand here by the car.
Friend: Why not?  I don't have the keys.
Me: No, but you also did not put your window up when you locked the car.

Suffice it to say we ended up calling back to the office to get someone to rescue us.  Of course we called 10 minutes too soon.  Because 10 minutes after placing the embarrassing call that we were sweltering in a downtown Atlanta parking garage, the facility called and said someone turned in her keys.  We called back her office, cancelled the rescue mission, and headed back.  Of course the trip back also involved our Waze App, a super small downtown gas station, an angry Atlanta Gas Light employee, and our total lack of knowledge of which side the gas tank was on in the vehicle.

In short today I am grateful to be home and not sleeping in her company car!!  On the bright side the trekking around for keys got me way over my step goal for today.  I was still able to get to the gym for my second strength training session of the week and I had already had my run in the morning.

On the workout side this has been a good week.  On the wind down before Diva.  Just running easy.  I saw my chiro today after the gym.  I needed it after today!  I think I will see him next Friday right before the half for my weekly appointment.

I hope you had a less stressful day.  At least my friend is funny and we are both able to laugh at ourselves.

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  1. Wow, it really does sounds like a comedy of errors! I'm glad everything worked out and you were both able to take it with some humor :)