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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hug a Cat...Meet our Family

What a busy couple of days.  Yesterday was National Running Day which I am sure we all enjoyed.  Today was a day dedicated to cats, another passion I have.  It is National Hug Your Cat Day!  I happen to love cats, pretty much all cats but especially six in particular.  Today I will share my six little darlings, mostly because everyone should see them!  Also because as we all know everyone on the interwebs loves looking at cats!

Frankie our most senior statesman at 17 years old

This is Mo, hubby would say my spoiled baby.  He is 15.

Jazzy, he is a lot of cat in a little body.  He is one of the three 7 year olds

This is Georgia, or the Million dollar cat.  She has HCM but is doing fine.  Also 7

This Pablo, Georgia's brother and a delicate flower at 20 pounds also 7.

This is Lena she is 6, with an obviously ironic sense of humor.

Rest assured they got their share of hugs today, and well everyday!  I hope people have someone in their life that brings them as much joy as these six bring to us!  Hug a cat; the day isn't over yet!!  Keep a good thought for Jazzy and Pablo they are at the vet tomorrow for dental cleanings and annual check ups.  They will be away from home all day!  I hope I survive!

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  1. The cats are so adorable! I had no idea it's hug a cat day. Though every day is hug a cat day in my household :)