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Saturday, June 20, 2015

What Surprises You

I was reading RunHaven today on Facebook.  They have great articles pieces by bloggers on there.  They also randomly ask questions.  Today they asked, what surprised you the most about running?  There were a lot of great answers.  It seemed like such a cool question.  I thought, "hey I have not done my blog yet!  Why not steal this idea?"

What surprised me the most about running?

  1. I can do something athletic.  I was not exactly the high school track star.  More like the twenty min miler, who wondered why I could not spend P.E. reading in the library. 
  2. That it is true. It affects more aspects of your life than just fitness and health.  I have found myself many times thinking "you can do this.  You just ran in a downpour."  
  3. That it really is fun, even when it is so not fun.
  4. My husband was right.  Never saw that coming.  Ladies you know what I mean.
  5. That it is really mostly mental.  If you don't have an actual physical injury than the only thing stopping you is you.  
  6. That I would need it.  That on the days I can't run I am less than a joy to be a round.  That I feel less accomplished, that I feel less without it.  
So what surprises you about running and what surprises you about you now that you run?

1 comment:

  1. I definitely identify with #1 on your list! I was always the kid who'd rather sit in the corner reading a book than doing anything athletic :) I was surprised that I actually ended up enjoying running and that I can do it.