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Friday, June 12, 2015

OMG! I am One of Those People

I don't know when it happened.  I don't know how it happened.  I am alarmed by how it just was one day.  Yesterday I was putting up my shoes after my 4:30 AM run...yes you read that correctly.  Here is the best part.  That isn't even what I am talking about.  I was putting my shoes up on our running shoe rack in the garage...yea we have a rack in our garage just for running shoes.  Again not what I am talking about.

While I was about to put the shoes up I just flipped them over to look at the wear pattern on the sole, and my mind immediately started evaluating what that meant about my stride.  What?  When did I become one of those people.  A runner who looks at the tread wear pattern to see if I am hitting mid-foot most of the time?  This, along with everything else I said before it, are all things I used to mercilessly rib my husband about!!!  How did I morph into some female version of him?

When did it become normal to date my shoes?  I don't mean taking them out for lobster and a nice Merlot.  I mean recording the date of purchase and number of miles on them!!  Here is the point for all you "I'm not a runner, never will be" people. Know this running is insidious.  At first you think "okay I will walk wile you run come get me".  Then you watch them and you start thinking "I could probably run to that sign.  Look at that person they are running and seem to love it."  Everything about running is gateway drug.  So mostly, if you are new to running, and feel like all of this is some crazy cult.  I have a few things to say.

1) Feel ya.  I was totally there, but now I am totally here and I can't even remember the journey, except we have had some beautiful runs along beaches, trails and parks.
2) If you are questioning if you even deserve running shoes because you think you are so slow, Of course you do, but start with a nice pasta dinner and an imported beer first you are just starting to date.
3) The wear pattern on my shoes is very consistent with a steady mid-foot strike.  I wonder how my cadence is?


  1. lol... it's funny how that happens with running, isn't it? I should totally date my shoes, that's a great idea!

    1. Yes it is. It just creeps in there.