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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I am Back

So I have taken a really long break from blogging.  I love writing but I had struggled with what to write.  So I am back now.  I have decided to open up my blog to write about more topics than just running.  As hubby pointed out today "we are more than just runners."  So sometimes I will write  about running but sometimes I will just write about my life as a chick in my mid-forties, in the middle of my career, in the middle of my marriage, and in the middle of figuring it out.  Since today is National Running Running Day I will say my return to blogging is just a quick Why I run blog!!

We hit the Chattahoochee National Park today to run 5.5 around the river.  It was early.  I took a couple of days off to kick off hubby's summer vacation.  What a great day to do that: National Running Day!  There were not too many folks out there yet.  Today is a day we talk about running and all the things it has done for us.  So of course it has done some positive things for me.

1) It gives me quality time with my husband.
2) It makes me tougher.  If I can run 13 miles I can listen to yet another person talk about how water should be free!  It falls from the sky. (Face Palm!)
3) It helped me realize I am an athlete.
4) Sticking it to everyone who said I could not run...what better reason!
5) knowing fit is different than skinny and running taught me that.
6) Freed up Sunday evenings...who needs to paint your toenails when you will be running in the morning?
7) Best way to see my city and every place we visit.
8) Races...they are just cool!
9) Cute running clothes!
10) Letting me truly embody a running toilet.

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  1. Glad you're back :) And it makes sense to write about your life in the blog because we're not just runners only, all the time. And I love your reasons. Number 5 is definitely spot on.