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Friday, June 19, 2015

Man it is HOT

Wow this has been a struggle this week.  Temperatures are in the high nineties with a side of 100% humidity.  I am glad for my run every morning, right after I am done.  During it I am running slower and breathing heavier, and cursing my husband for ever convincing me to do this.  This will make me a stronger runner come fall, right?  I am really glad it is so dark when I run that no one can see the obscene amount I sweat.  I mean that is supper attractive.

How do you get out of the AC and on to the road and how do you recover to look half human at work.  I have no idea, but here is what I do.

1) Lay out the minimum amount of clothes needed to not be arrested the night before.
2) Get out of bed. (Do not under estimate the power of this step.)
3) Layer on Body Glide.
4) Walk outside, notice that you did not melt.  Also note if that is a monkey hanging from the Elm Tree.  I mean who can blame him for being confused?  I also thought Atlanta had become a tropical rain forest.
5) Crank up your running tunes.  I like something that takes my mind off the heat like "Fever" or "The House is on Fire".
6) Try your hardest not to collapse or die.
7) Stumble back to the AC cooled house.
8) Stretch out while any one of five cats take their turn getting you ready for work by licking the sweat off of you.  That reminds me.  I need to have their sodium checked at the vet.
9) Take a cold shower.  If I had to choose a lynch pin in my ready for work strategy this is it.  It lowers my core body temp enough to put on my work clothes without having to change my work clothes before work.
10) Apply some kind of make up.
11) Pat yourself on the back.  Remind yourself you can laugh at all those folks running when it is 95 on your way home.

Good luck out there.  Stay hydrated and be safe.

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  1. Lol... Great post! Getting out of bed is sometimes the hardest step :) I have to admit I've been wimping out and doing a lot of workouts indoors. But I'm going to start training for me next half soon so I won't be able to keep doing that.