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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Buying Shoes

 Saturday after the Atlanta Women's 5K, a race just for women, no men allowed (plan to talk about gender specific running events soon, but not today) we are going birthday shopping.  Our Birthdays are only 13 days apart.  So last year we went to one of our local running stores and we each chose a pair of shoes.  This year we plan to do the same.  Voila! a tradition is born.  His birthday was Tuesday, my birthday is a week from Monday.  So we go a little late for him and a little early for me.  Marriage is all about compromise.  I remember when shoe shopping meant a great pair of cute heels.  Now when my husband says let's go shoe shopping I think about what races I have coming up the latest product reviews.  I consider heel to drop, the weight of the shoe, cushioning, flexibility, width, stack.  Let's just say it is different then "Oh I like that bow."
Getting new running shoes is always fun.  I am thinking of trying the Merrell Road Glove.  I really like a zero drop minimal shoe.  I have Skechers Go Runs for a recovery shoe, but most of my other shoes are pretty minimal.  I hear good things about Merrell and the way they fit.  Also I understand they have a higher arch, but I have a pretty high arch so I don't think it will be a problem.  Of course the best part about actually going to the store is we can try them on and actually see how they feel. 
I usually wear New Balance and I love my Minimus Road 00's.  Hubby already knows he wants the Altra One.  He has been waiting for this shoe.  He is a big fan of Altra.  He loves the wide toe box and feel of the shoe.  I have a very narrow small foot. The Altra is just too roomy for me.  I feel like I am sliding around.  Hubby says the narrow middle of New Balance makes his foot feel squeezed.  To each their own.  I like to have a variety of shoes. I think it makes me a stronger runner and I have already heard some folks say "I only ran in this one shoe and they discontinued it. Now what am I going to do?"  I would be worried about that happening.  So Saturday we go in pursuit of a runner's version of the glass slipper: a new pair of running shoes, that makes you feel faster and lighter.  I will let you know how it turns out!


  1. I've heard good things about the Merrell Road Glove. I'm also a big fan of minimalist zero drop shoes. Right now I'm using Vivo barefoot EVO II and Vivo Breatho trail shoes. When it's time to replace I'm thinking of giving the Merrells a try. If you get them I'll be interested in how they turn out for you.

  2. Hope you find a great pair! Thanks for stopping by today Kathy! luv @runningbloggers

  3. That is what I think of too when shopping for shoes...I eat sleep dream! Great follower
    follow me at if you'd like

  4. I can't believe I get this excited about new running shoes. It will be fun to shop after the race tomorrow. Plus hubby said it has made his birthday shopping a breeze. I was also thinking of Vivo. I will be sure to let you all know what I end up with and how they feel.