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Monday, March 11, 2013

Harder to Run or Blog about Running?

So with running I have an established routine.  Get my lazy butt out of bed, put on a cute, probably pink, outfit, my running shoes, pull these unruly curls into some kind of pony or pig tail arrangement, trip over 6 treat addicted cat, give 6 treat addicted cats their fix, stumble to the kitchen for my pre-run drink, trip over 6 cats now jonesing for more treats, find my Nathan's belt for my IPhone, check the hour by hour temp on my phone, choose the correct outwear, if not the blazing summer.  If summer substitute, decide if anything can come off, without some sort of police incident, for outwear, select the Rock My Run mix of the day and out the door.  Oh yeah do all this with the lights off because hubby thinks running at 4:30 AM is tantamount to be held captive at GITMO. 

Blogging is different.  I have no regular routine.  I know I have a few folks who read it.  I like writing and I thought this would be fun.  I had tried more random blogging at different times, but I could not find that consistency.  Then I thought write about something you enjoy and that provides occasional funny anecdotes, even if most of them are not planned to be funny.  Unlike running, that has become something I at least start to do each day automatically, blogging takes a new commitment.  I have been lucky to find some runner folks particularly Caroline Thomas I Heart Running who has made such an effort to help so many of us and coordinate our efforts.  I now can read so many different running blogs and it makes me feel more inspired. 

By far I don't know nearly as much as some of the bloggers who have been running for years and have far more competitive times, and more impressive races, but I do see a similarity in our passion for running.  The passion seems surprisingly constant, even if the level we all run is different.  I think that this will help me find my blogging groove the way hubby helped me find my running groove.  I guess  it is not so different then when you are actually running it's about camaraderie and support!

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  1. Thanks for writing this it Made my hubby happy:)