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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Choose the Attitude Choose the Experience

This was my mantra this AM. I have to admit I usually spring out of bed and jump in my running clothes excited to get out.  Lately the weather here has been brutal.  Who knew winter started in March in Atlanta .  I have been living here for years and I never knew.  Last night I did not sleep well and that coupled with the cold weather really had me second guessing this run today.  I really just wanted the extra 40 minutes of sleep and the warm bed and cuddly cats and hubby sleeping happily alongside.  It would have been really easy to say "not today. You run a lot; you won't miss this one run."  Instead for some reason I said, "get your lazy butt out of bed put on those winter running clothes you have been waiting to wear all winter and just get out the door."  I also tell myself "if it really sucks you can turn around and go home, but just start and see how you feel." 

So I did just that.  I got out of bed pushing cats, desperate for their morning treats aside, and got ready to go.  It was just about the routine, put on the clothes- check. Get your headphones and keys - check. Get your belt and phone - check. Get your gloves and hat - check.  Get out the door - are you kidding me?  I mean - check.  Well of course enjoying the run is mostly attitude and I have to admit when I started mine sucked.  You know when you really just want to find everything that confirms that you were right, I should have blown this run off.  So I start off and all I see are problems: my shoes feels tight, people ran yesterday why didn't they pick up the storm debris along the way, I am cold, my hat is slipping, why is there so much traffic at 4:30, where are all the people.  I know.  Don't you wish you were with me I sound like delightful company?

But then there is something about running, about a mile in it was harder to focus on the list of reasons I did not want to be there.  The morning was still, the sidewalk empty, a crescent moon, a starry sky, and oh yeah I am healthy enough to be out of bed running.  Also not for nothing, waiting at home were 6 cats, angry because they had to wait for their treats, but happy to stretch with me after my run and a husband just getting up ready to ask "how was your run?"  Suddenly that therapy part of running kicked  in and I was grateful to be out there.  Grateful that my legs and lungs are strong.  I remembered what a privilege it is to have the luxury to decide if I am getting up to run or not.  By the time I came home: no longer tired, my shoes feeling fine, picking up debris so the next runner would have a clear path, hat securely on, I actually meant it when hubby asked, "How was your run?" And I said "great." 

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