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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This One's for the Girls

So this weekend I was contemplating the loss of a good friend and I am sure many of you ladies have been here before.  Even though saying good-bye is painful, I knew it was time.  I had to let her go.  She had been supportive and comforting and she was with me the first time I ever stepped out of the door to run.  Yesterday I finally put her out of her misery.  After many runs trying to convince myself that she would bounce back.  I had to throw away: my favorite sports bra.  I know you men reading this are like "give me a break.  Really?"  But I know the women understand that finding that perfect sports bra, that is both effective and comfortable is like finding the Holy Grail (granted a lot more "Monty Python Holy Grail" than Last Supper Holy Grail, but still difficult.)  Finding the one that does not require excessive body glide or mole skin, that preserve both, your modesty and the innocence of anyone in view of you running. 

Sometimes we can forget the value of a good sports bra, until we see someone running who has also forgotten.  This will send a runner to her sports bras to inspect each one and even try them on and run in the mirror with the thought "I hope I don't look like that and I hope I don't give myself a black eye.  That will be so hard to explain."  For the "little" girls this may not seem like a big deal.  For girls with girls it is literally, a bigger deal.  Don't get me wrong, most weeks I run everyday.  I have more than this sports bra, but you know how it is with your favorite.  You plan your whole week running and you make sure you save that bra for the special run.  Maybe it is the race, or the long run, or the speed workout you have wanted to try.  You don't want variables, and you know that bra is just right.  Well all good things comes to end and for me and my sports bra that was this week. 

So how did I know it was time?

I am not going lie my girls are friendly, and they don't require much encouragement to come out and say "hi."  I finished a run a week ago with hubby.  It was pretty warm and I was waiting to use the restroom after the run.  I thought these ladies in line were looking at me kind of odd, but assumed it was the sweating (I think I have covered that before.  I sweat.) Then I use the facilities and go to wash up and see that I was luck they were just staring.  If they had been any closer I might have accidentally poked their eye out. 

I was running in it the other day and as I am running I feel the band rising up to the middle of the girls.  No matter how much I pulled it down (a really cool move by the way) it just rose back up there.  Apparently the elastic in the band was giving up the same fight as the padding in the cup had lost just recently.

Lastly, final nail in the coffin, I was pretty sure on our last run that I was the girl that sent the other runners home to make sure they did not look like me.  Not only is that not a good look, for the guys and the smaller chested ladies, I will let you know it really hurts.

So my favorite sports bra and I parted ways and I went to Sports Authority in the vain attempt to replace it.  I found a new sports bra and I am still judging the newbie and the faithful also rans that occupy my sports bra drawer.  It is a hotly sought after position to be the go to bra for the perfect run.  Guess I am waiting to see who pulls in front. 

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  1. I STILL haven't found the *perfect* bra! My favorite has grown a touch less fitting since I took up running - I like to believe it's because I've lost a bit of blubber and not that it's failing me, though.