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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Finding Inspiration

So days like today are a no brainier for me.  It is beautiful and warm.  It is Sunday, no work just a relaxing day.  Hubby was ready and willing to run an easy five with me today and we were going to run alongside the River so nothing to overcome getting out there today.  But tomorrow AM, work is back, busy week.  The beautiful temps we enjoyed this week are supposed to be a thing of the past.  That is the way the South is in the spring.  A little promise of whats to come then slaps you in the face with the reality that March is not yet over.

Tomorrow the alarm will go off.  Granted this week, with one week of DST down, should be less of a struggle than last week.  Admittedly, it takes something to get out the door in less than ideal conditions or when work, family, husband, oh yeah life, has other demands and plans.  It is then that commitment and dedication and focus (every word every Olympic Champion ever spouted off to any jacked up sports reporter after getting their gold medal) are all well and good but still might not get you out the door.  Sometimes you need a next step.  You know inspiration.  I think inspiration is natural for some people, especially the artsy ones.  You know they see a Facebook Post by one of their friends about eating at Subway and voila a Sonnet is born.  Never happens to me.  I have never been moved by the view in front of me to come home and sculpt a work of art.  I am a very practical girl.  My work life revolves around science and facts and I find inspiration takes very real perspiration for me.  The truth is without inspiration so many things would not come to pass.  So I work at inspiration.  And yes for all you inspired artists I get that it is counter intuitive, but for all of you reality bound critical thinking folks, you get it. 

My Inspiration Tool Box
1) My husband - one of those artist types who actually did come home inspired by a bird and chiseled out a sculpture.  Sometimes the people around you inspire you to be better.  He is one of those people.  I guess that is what makes him such a wonderful teacher.  Inspiration is sort of a job requirement.
2) Music - sometimes if I am not feeling it (running or work project) I put on some music and I am banging out that statistical analysis on current water supply options or actually opening up the door to run (which makes running much easier).  Don't kid yourself from years of watching cartoons.  Running through a door and leaving a you shaped hole is even harder than inspiration.
3) Disadvantaged people - I don't mean this the way it sounds like economically disadvantaged.  I mean people who over come real obstacles.  Not the whining little hang nail stuff I consider an obstacle.  I mean like Helen Keller stuff (deaf, blind got her degree became and author and lecturer) "Oh it's too cold to run today...well I am sure there was too much reading, talking, listening, and speaking for Helen Keller too"  You get the picture.  Sometimes we are inspired to do things by seeing those who do things that are so much harder with so much less. 
4) Kids - Confession time.  I am not what you would call a "kid" girl.  I don't seek out the visiting babies at work.  I never had that kind of maternal thing.  I am pretty sure my biological clock's snooze button was permanently stuck.  What I do find inspiring is the fearless way kids charge into things, consequences be damned.  I mean "one night without supper who cares! Jumping off the roof made me just like Superman for like a whole minute."  Don't you wish you could live like that just for one day?  Don't care what happens and don't care what you think about me or what happens.
5) Nature - Now I covered the hole don't see a mountain and compose a symphony as an ode to it.  But there is a peace, a calm, and a balance in nature that inspires me to try and find mine own.  I think running has been an important part of that search for balance for me.  Especially running in nature inspires me to keep doing what helps me find my balance. 

Those things lead me to inspiration.  I think it looks different to everyone.  For you it maybe a cool pair of shoes.  I am not going to lie a cute outfit has gotten me through more than one boring meeting and less than ideal run.  What do you find inspiring?

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