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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Race Cancelled...What a Downer

This was officially not me today at the ATC Atlanta Women's 5K.  As predicted we had rain.  No biggie, once you're wet you're wet.  As a surprise from Mother Nature we had lightning and thunder today.  ATC tried; they kept pushing back the time saying we will start 20 minutes from the last lightning strike.  Well as can be the case in the spring in the south it was like the Earth's own Fourth of July up there.  With wet volunteers, cries for a decision from wet, crabby women sitting in the cars communicating via Facebook and Twitter, and a consult with the National Weather Center, ATC called the race.  I am bummed; this is one of my favorite races of the year.  It is a beautiful course with all kinds of girl power going on around it.  I just love it.  Now I have a whole year to wait until it comes back.

Of course some of us are more hard core than others.  Despite hubby being sick with a cold he came with me this AM.  He and I passed the time running in the rain dodging lightning and listening to thunder.  Candler park is still pretty and we ended up doing about 2.5 miles.  Enough for him to meet his daily 1 mile and maintain his streak.  I have to say thanks to the ATC and volunteers even though I was disappointed, I wasn't angry with ATC.  They have to watch out for the welfare of their runners.  What dedication from the volunteers who all stuck it out trying to make this happen. I know they were wetter and colder than any of us.  My recent experience organizing and managing a race last weekend really made me appreciate the gargantuan effort of today without the payoff of happy racers and a successful event.  ATC has already posted how we can get our race shirts and our pendants.  They did a great job today.  I wish the race had gone on, and I hope those ladies who were doing their first 5K today will continue and try another race.  I know I will be at this one again next year.

On a positive note.  We did spend a soggy Saturday shopping for our B-Day running shoes.  I finally went with the Merrell Bare Access Arc.  I haven't gotten much of a run in today so I see a few miles on the TM testing out the new shoes.  Of course not to be undervalued, they are black and purple and pretty cute.  A brief write up on them after I test them out!  Have a great weekend.  Hope you are having better weather than we are!!

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