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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tired but Happy

Today was the first annual Water Drop Dash 5K.  Above are some photos from the Water Festival after the event.  It was so much work, and in the last week of race planning it seems like all you want is for the race to be over.  I did not even know how tense I was until I ran today a couple of hours after the race.  I am sure everyone who saw me thought I was crazy because I was just running with the biggest smile on my face.  I did not realize until I was done with my short run (today was really tiring, longer run w/ hubby on tap for tomorrow) how for the last 10 days or so I would use every run to think about everything that can possibly go wrong.  It is so surprising you never think about what might go right.

I am happy to say today most things went right.  Runner, volunteers, and exhibitors had a good time.  The organizers, me included, thought it far exceeded our expectations.  We had 300 runners.  We have some minor tweaks and there will be time to have debriefings and work things out, but I think a new race has joined the ranks of annual Atlanta events, and I only see it growing!  It is kind of amazing to see an idea you had two years ago exceed your dreams and I feel real gratitude to those who worked with me to make it happen.  Also as much work as it had been, that all goes away when you see people enjoying the sport you love too and having such a good time.  You could not even remember all those terrible things you were thinking for the last two weeks.

A short one today!  It is fun and you might forget the work, but you don't forget how tired you are.  Definitely time for a little wine and unwinding!!

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