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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Running Music

So I am one of those people who like to run with music sometimes, not always.  Rarely when racing, because I love the atmosphere of a race and don't want to obscure  it with music.  During the work week I frequently run alone before dawn and I have to admit I love a little music kept low enough that I am aware, but it helps me get pumped up.  Not just for the run but for the day.  Picking the right music for the right run is important. I am big fan of Rock My Run.  This site used to require you to purchase tokens and download mixes but it now has a very affordable membership structure that gives you a certain number of downloads each month. 

What I like about Rock My Run is they are DJ prepared mixes, which means they are snippets of songs and mixes.  It changes frequently so you don't get bored.  They have a lot of variety of genres and it tells you the BPM. I have about 20 mixes on my Iphone.  Some of my friends like Pandora and I did try typing in Running Pop Music.  I got an interesting array of music. For me I like the DJ mixes.  My husband likes to listen to internet radio.  He likes Slacker FM or Radio Paradise.  I think if you are someone who either likes music all the time or intermittently there are a lot of options. 

The service or method you choose is only half the decision.  Once you have a source then you have to decide what kind of music.  I will admit on my phone I have a go to mix called Grrl Power.  It has my favorite song Beyonce's "Who Runs the World (Girls)."  That mix is a given if I get out the door and I am just not feeling it.  Once the music starts I am instantly ready to go.   I also intentionally keep mixes I don't care for as much.  This is a tool for me.  I can get carried away, I know does not seem possible, right?  But I can.  So if I know this should be a slow recovery run or I know I did an intense workout and I am supposed to be taking it easy, I will put on something I don't like as much.  It is amazing how that can change your energy. 

A Dailymile friend was asking what are our favorite running songs currently.  Of course you already know my favorite, but I thought I would put a few down.  You might notice a pattern.  I don't know why listening to women when I run gives me so much more energy, but they definitely make up most of my current favorites though I am a big Maroon 5 fan.

Some Songs to run to:

Single Ladies - Beyonce
Last Friday Night - Katey Perry
Starship - Niki Minaj
Catching My Breath -  Kelly Clarkson
Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
Just Like a Pill - Pink
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - Pink
Try - Pink
Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
Titanium - David Guetta
Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
One More Night - Maroon 5

Do you like music?  If so what do you listen to on the run?


  1. I take my iPod with me and listen to different pop/rock tunes to keep me motivated to run! I rarely run without music but enjoy the times I do run in silence! Katie Perry and Pink are always great options when working out or running

    1. I agree. When I run by myself I love the music. I can't dance or anything so running with cool music is as close as I will ever come to clubbing!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Kathy! We are excited that you dig our mixes and that they help you stay energized during your runs! Let us know if you have any suggestions or requests for other mixes.

    Marketing Rocker