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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sometimes Running Sucks

There is no sugar coating it, no philosophical higher ground; sometimes you go out to run, you get out there and all you want is for it to be over.  Today was one of those days.  I was one of those whiny, unhappy, everything is wrong this will never be okay again people I hate.  We went out for our Sunday run.  Should have been our weekly long run.  I had already talked myself out of we were going to go out and drive the race route for Vinings Downhill, the race we have next Saturday.  We did that and strategized where to park, where we could walk from in the morning, where the small inclines were and where we could to qoute a co-worker "open it up."  This race happens in our neighborhood so we don't have to get  up as early and there is a net loss of altitude that is pretty significant.  It is a pretty fast course.  Even though we have been doing back to back races this is the race where we will run on our own and push for personal bests.  Translation I won't be holding my husband back.  Hubby uses it for a Peachtree qualifier and I do too unless I happen to hit my half marathon goal (which today seems like an impossible feat.)  I know intellectually that is not true, but emotionally it feels thousands of miles out of reach.

Well while scoping the course I had a side stitch, don't know why.  By the time we got to the park for our run my legs felt like lead, it was HOT and HUMID.  So not in the mood for this today.  It was just one of those days.  Breathing was hard, legs and whole body felt tired.  I just wanted to get my mile in so I could count my run everyday of August goal still ongoing.  We ran two miles and I told hubby I was fried.  I apologized all the way home for cutting his run short.  Sometimes you just don't feel it.  I know tomorrow is another day.  Just to get in the mind set I laid out my shoes and clothes for tomorrow morning's run.  I am sure runs like today make me appreciate the good runs more, but today is just cheesy with a side of whine.  Hope you had a better run.

Theme for this week: take it easy and save it for race day! 


  1. Been there... it's so defeating, right? But then, the next time I'm out, it's as if I need to make up for the loss, and I do a decent job. It always seems to work out well like that..

    1. Yes it does. Good thing too or I would have a whole bunch of shoes and dry fit clothing I don't know what to do with!

  2. I used to say my long runs on Saturday were a reflection of my week. Every run is another opportunity. Not all of them will be the best ever.

  3. Hey! I'm in your neck of the woods! I ran Saturday and omg, thought I was going to die I couldn't drink enough.

    Ya know, although I love running there are times I hate it, despise it especially when Im stressed (which is bizarre since it helps alleviate it) but yeah not all runs are rainbows and endorphins. but its all about getting those special days that make it worth it <3

  4. Thanks, Ladies. Fortunately the rest of the runs have been better this week and I remembered why running is better than getting all your teeth pulled, at least today anyway! Hoping you all have been enjoying some nice runs!