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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rest Day and Half Training out of Town

Well yesterday I went out for a run post fall with my cut up leg and surprise, a sore mid back and painful hamstring.  Both of which I must have strained when I fell on Tuesday.  Funny how you don't notice that sitting at your computer all day, but go out for a run after work and it is crystal clear.  So even though my goal for the month was run everyday, my clumsy self thought better of that idea as I was walking the last mile of yesterday's run. Decided to take a rest day.  It feels better today but I am sure I will know how much better tomorrow morning when I go out for a slow and easy AM run.  Here's hoping.

Today I made my reservations for the biggest conservation/water resource conference of the year.  I go every year; it is in Vegas.  I will be there for the whole first week of October. Of course that is also a month before my half.  As you might expect hubby prefers I don't run alone outside in Vegas.   That is usually no problem.  They have a big gym at the conference hotel.  Normally I just need to do my 3 miles.  This time I will be half training and I am usually trying to add a long run in the middle of the week. 

I am not a treadmill lover and my schedule at the conference is crazy.  I am hoping that it won't affect my training for the half if I just maintain my 3 miles most days and do a long run when I return.  I fly back on Friday and we have a 10K Saturday AM.  Here's hoping it is no big deal.  I do have 4 weeks before the 1/2 when I get back.  Also I feel a little less pressure because I got my Peachtree qualifying time at Vinings last week, something I never thought I could do.  I still want to hit my goal of under 2 hours. 

Hope everything is going well.  Hoping I can run tomorrow with less pain.  Still feeling my back a little but hamstring seems better.  The scab on my knee will just take time.  Now my pride...that's another story!

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