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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Peaceful Easy Saturday

I got so much done today.  I promised myself I would not bring work home this weekend for the first time in weeks.  Amazing that you can actually do so much of the things you have to do in your real life, when you don't bring the office home.  Finally got my oil changed, made my kitties homemade raw food, did the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, went grocery shopping, had Pho at our favorite little Vietnamese restaurant and enjoyed a lovely 6 mile run. 

Since we had extra time today we went to downtown Atlanta and ran from the Beltline to the Freedom Parkway Trail.  We had been on the Freedom Parkway Trail a little in the past mostly to stretch out a run.  But today we used our run to explore the path and follow it to another park we love, Candler Park.  I love those runs where you can just enjoy the experience and see new stuff.  The best thing about this area is that it is full of public art so hubby, the art teacher, really enjoys it. 

That was a new installation along the Beltline.  Also learned a new word.  This piece is an assemblage.  It is made from other objects compiled together.  It is pretty cool really.

Also the sun was a surprise bonus, since we have only had a few days without rain since January.  It was BEAUTIFUL today.  Sunny, not as humid, and a mild mid-seventies morning.

I had to take a picture in front of the home base of one of our favorite local food trucks, King of Pops.  Also I thought I might need to look back at this picture to remind me why they call this the sunny south.

Here I am checking out the assemblage piece and the graffiti mural behind it.  I love exploring our city or new places while I run.  One of the benefits of running with my phone I can always snap a few picks.

Hope you all enjoyed a great Saturday too.


  1. That trail looks wonderful - art and running. If I get to Atlanta again, I will seek it out.

    1. You definitely should check out the Beltline when you come next. It is great. The other side connects to Piedmont Park and you can run the Beltline right to Piedmont and run around the park.