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Monday, August 5, 2013

Time to Set Some Goals

Okay so it is not the first day of the month but it is the first day of my running week.  So I decided I would do an August Goals post today.  I was thinking about it as I ran this morning.  Morning runs are great for getting a fresh perspective.  For me anyway.  I find evening runs are a great way to get past stress or a bad day.  Of course  if you are me you also have to be able to get geared up to run late in the day.  Which is a struggle for me.  I digress, oh yeah accountability time.

1) I want to run everyday of August.  I ran everyday of July except one when I was swamped at my conference.
2) I want to read two books.  I am reading a good book right now Between Two Oceans
3) I need to get a Request for Proposals written for work.  I have to admit I have been putting it off.
4) I want to do my plank a day.  Amazingly I think even that is making my core stronger.  Some days I add extra core and strength training.
5) I am still working on that being present thing so I want to start putting my phone up for the night around dinner.  Maybe some concrete action will get me closer.
6) Cook at least 4 days a week preferably 5.  We eat better when I cook and it is cheaper.

I think that is probably enough for August, but I am sure there are other things I need to work on too.  They will have to wait until September.  

What are your goals for the upcoming week or month?


  1. Your August sounds pretty adventuresome, looking forward to hearing how it went! Have a 5k race Sept. 8 so my August is basically prepping for that and FINALLY I will be including some cross-training. To this end, I joined a gym and actually planked for the first time in my life a couple of days ago. Felt fine the day after, the day after THAT, though, it hurt every time I laughed (probably a sign that I actually worked some Good luck with August!

    1. Thank, Brian. Yeah the hurting when you laugh is a good sign you did something right. Hope your September race goes well.I will let you all know how I do on my goals. At least I know I will do better than if I had no goals. Posting them here helps me be more accountable. We all support each other.