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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week in Review: The Good and the Bad

This week was a mixed bag.  happy about some of it, not so happy about the rest of it.  I use my Dailymile week which runs Monday-Sunday so that I have the same stats.  So no excuses, right? I keep this blog to hang with other just struggling to get the balance right and who enjoy running, but also to hold myself accountable.  So it is weekly pay the piper time.

Bad: Low mileage week for me.  First time under 20 miles since I was sick months ago.  Last Sunday I had a really rough run, was feeling our multiple races and the heat.  Thought I might need to reign it in.

Missed my goal of running every day of August.  This week I had to do an out an back to South Georgia on Thursday.  I was feeling tired had a big race coming up on Saturday and I opted for a rest day Thursday.

No long run in 2 weeks.  Hopefully back at that next week.

Missed my plank on Thursday, just bagged the whole day.

Did not blog as much as I would like.  I was just feeling really tired this week.

Good: Dialing back on distance I focused on speed a little this week.  Paid off with a PR at my race Saturday. 

I did cook 4 days this week and most of it was pretty tasty as well as healthy.

Plank a day 6 days this week varied between 1 min. and 2 1/2 minutes.  Felt this payoff on my hilly run this week.

Found out I got accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  Pretty cool!!

Moving on:  You can't look back.  I am back at running everyday it feels good.  If my body says I need a rest day I am probably still going to listen to it.  The benefit, I am feeling more refreshed and ready for the week.  I brought a little work home for the weekend to get a head start.  I think overwhelming work commitments have also been wearing me down. 

Another week another opportunity.  Hope you have a great week!!

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  1. This sounds more positive than negative. I say, 'booyah' to you! And take that rest when you need it. REST is part of the ride~ :)