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Saturday, August 10, 2013

What We Give Up for Running

Okay so we blog, Facebook, Pin, Tweet, Instagram, Tumble, etc. all the time about what we get from running.  This morning as hubby and I were up before our 5:30 alarm for the second of 3 races in a row;  I thought what ever happened to sleeping in on Saturdays?  There was a time, not long, long ago in a castle in the woods, time ago, but like 2 and 1/2 years ago where he would set the alarm on Saturday for races. I would pull the covers over my head and murmur some endearing encouragement like, "you're an idiot. Turn off the light."  So of course that led me to think even though I get a lot from running I have to admit, as we all have to admit, we give up some things for running.  So here is a short list of things I have had to let go of as I became a runner and certainly a more committed runner.

1) Sleeping in on the weekends.  I have definitely let this go.  Whether we have a race or not we still have to get our run in, so up and on with our day we go.

2) Immaculate toes.  I wear open toe shoes, and I have always painted my nails but I have to say I don't touch up during the week and running gives them that lived in look.  I don't think nail salons are going to start using the inside of a running shoe to polish up a pedicure anytime soon. 

3) A normal reaction when someone says what are you doing this weekend?  Just watch their faces when your answer always start with..."I have a race, we are doing our long run, we are going to the track to practice."  They would look at me differently if I just said "you know, just going to the mall."

4) Choosing a hotel for the pool.  I think we all know it is about the treadmill or proximity to a park or sidewalk.

5) I will never again not know the word Fartlek.

6) Being able to say with 100% certainty I would not run  (in rain, snow, freezing weather, extreme heat, or the dark, that late, that early, etc.)

7) Peace of mind when you wake up with a sore knee just thinking it will be a little inconvenience but certainly won't alter my day and no worries like "this is going to cost me the $70.00 entry fee into next months race because this is the end of running as I know it."

8) The blissful ignorance of things like PF, and  ITB injuries, and KT Tape.

9) Going out to party all night carefree no need to worry that it will seriously impact the speed work you had planned for tomorrow.

10) Staying up late.  I may be focused, but I am not a super hero.  If you are going to run at 4:30 AM you better make a serious effort to get bed on time.  I can't wait to fall back.  Maybe it will be dark when I go to bed.  I miss that. 

I am sure you have given things up for your love of running.  Love to hear about your favorites.


  1. Definitely staying up super late and sleeping in. Not that I'm much of a sleeper to begin with, but I am worse now than ever before.

    I also watch my drinking a lot. Dehydration just isn't worth it if it's going to interfere with a morning workout!

  2. Heh....I won't give up sleeping in, unless it's a race day. Won't won't won't. I think the main thing I give up for running is the amount of time I spend doing it. Can't really think of much else.

  3. I watch my drinking too. I used to say I would never give up sleeping in...I lived to regret those words! I am totally a sleeper. I like 8 hours to be my charming self but I get 7 or else you better watch out!