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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Running Motivation Comes in all Forms

So today I rolled out of bed at 4:20 for my morning run.  Got to admit I was not feeling it at first, but August goals!  Run everyday and plank a day.  The never fail of having my running clothes staring at me in the bathroom and my shoes right there gave me no excuse.  So I got ready and headed out the door after of course feeding 6 cats, who apparently had slipped to the edge of starvation in the 8 hours since there late night snack.  No one fully understands how they suffer; but if you ask them they will do their best to act it out for you. 

I left the house confident that even if I did not feel like it; I never regret the run.  I often regret the decision to just sleep that extra 40 minutes.  Two years ago if someone had said you will have more energy if you get up and run instead of sleeping that extra time I would have been like "okay, whacko."  I know, right?  Who knew?  Oh yeah the whacko. Anyway while I was out on my run I realized it was Wednesday and on the way back I would see the local chapter of Black Girls Run heading down Atlanta Road on the opposite side they are regular MWF runners.  I don't know why but that group is really inspiring to me.  I love there "no girl left behind" slogan.  I love the way no matter how long it takes, they stand at the finish line and support their last runner.  Today they changed their route and I found myself running with them for the last 3/4 mile of my run on the uphill climb to my home.  It was amazingly motivating to see them running together, encouraging each other.  I tried to stay with them but I needed to get home and get ready to work so I said my "excuse me on your lefts" and passed the group to head home. 

On good runs I can get a decent negative split even though the last 3/4 mile is uphill and the rest of the run is downhill and then flat.  I did not expect that today, because to begin with I was not feeling it.  I owe BGR for the motivation today.  When my phone went off and told me my last split I was really surprised.  I had an unexpectedly good run today.  It goes to show you; you never know what will happen if you just head out the door. 

What or who motivates you?


  1. Really enjoyed this post and it's true, you never know where little bits of inspiration will pop up from! I let my wife read it (she likes the way you write btw)principally because of the paragraph about the cats (we have four)which I thought was priceless. She asked me if I would ever roll out of bed at 4:20 to run. I said "Hell no, I'd maybe roll out of bed at 4:20 if I HAD the runs..."

    1. Thanks, Brian. Cool you have 4 cats. Mine are a little spoiled. I enjoy your blog too. Never say nave you may be out there running some morning before the sun and roosters!