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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Attitude Adjustment

Disclaimer:  I AM NOT A DOCTOR.

This is just my experience.  This post is not what the title implied though I can say my attitude truly improves when I get regularly adjusted.  Yes, I see a chiropractor and I think it makes me a better runner. Two years ago I had an ankle injury.  No matter how much I rested it I could not get it to heal.  My assistant at work was in school to become a Chiropractor, which she is now.  Still works with me part-time.  She recommended a go to a Chiropractor.  Of course I was like "ummm it's my ankle not my back."  She just looked at me. 

"Chiro is for the whole body you are out of alignment so you keep reinjuring your ankle." She explained with all the reverence you would to your dumb a@# boss.  I wanted to run, nothing was working I went to a Chiropractor.  After an evaluation and X-rays, etc. he pronounced I had several areas of spinal subluxation and several imbalances that were causing me to run in a way that was putting more of a strain on my right side and my ankle was the result. 

He began adjusting me that first visit.  Let me preface this by saying "I am not a hugger."  I don't seek folks out I don't open myself up to touching.  In fact come at me at work to hug me and I will likely be diving under my desk.  All that said if you have ever done Chiropractic to say they "touch you" would be like saying Mike Tyson was nibbling on Evander Holyfield's ear.  I mean they are right there.  I think for the first 6 months I heard "just relax" out of my chiropractor more than "what is tight today?" 

So I am obviously a fan of what Chiropractic did for me, because as discussed above not fond of the sudden intimacy. It did help.  I found I could run faster.  I was injury free.  On a side note I had always suffered with migraines and regular headaches and those went away.  I overall felt healthier than I ever had.  Of course when something is working is when you should quit going.  I felt like I was probably adjusted and I quit.  It was fine for a while. Months even but now heading into a year I really missed the way I felt. I could tell my hips felt out of alignment and I heard a lot more snaps and crackles.  So I am back.  This time I felt like I just needed maintenance.  I joined the Joint.  You can go once a week takes 10 minutes.  You pay a monthly fee and you get your adjustment.  My new Chiro is a runner and personal trainer.  He takes a real interest in my training and asks about my running.  He also understand the special stress  runners put on their bodies.  It has worked for me and I know I will be grateful as I start back on training for my halfs. 

It might be worth checking out.  As I got adjusted today Dr. Peter said this will give you a competitive advantage.  I think he may be right.

Today I am grateful for a better aligned spine and my health!


  1. This is really interesting, thanks for sharing! I've never been to a chiropracter and I agree that I thought it was just for back problems.

  2. It's great that you were satisfied with the chiropractic sessions. You're right that many people have the misguided conception that it's only for back pain; the back is used to find out what's wrong with the rest of the body. Also, the fact that your chiropractor was a former runner is like having another coach in your upcoming runs. Let's hope your continued patronage does keep you competitive, and then some. Good luck!

    Derek Sparks @ Forgey Chiropractic