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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crossing the Gateway - I am never...

So I  am a good girl.  Like I never did drugs and kept my drinking to a few colleges binges and now maybe a daily glass of wine.  I never really understood the idea of gateway drugs.  You know people say Marijuana should not be legal because it is a gateway drug.  Using Marijuana will lead you to use harder drugs.  I have to admit I just took people's word for that since I never opened that gate.  It occurred to me on Thursday, as I was ordering my first GPS Running Watch a Garmin Forerunner 15, that running may be the ultimate gateway hobby. 
I think what classifies a gateway drug, is that despite the fact you try that first drug you say I will never use heroine.  Well flash forward past Meth, Coke, etc. and you are on the heroine train.  Again anecdotal observation, never tried any of those drugs.  However, running is an actual real life experience for me.  I think the words beginning runners say more than any other words are "I will never..."  fill in all appropriate thing that sane people would say.  I was definitely that runner.  So for today's blog I thought I would look at my own decline into full blown running addiction.   
It started when I was 42 and my husband said "all I want for my birthday is for you to run one 5K with me." Of course I was like "what?"   I was one of those...why would I run no one is chasing me?  There he was all expectant wanting this birthday gift.  Even that day we saw some of his friends and they were like "how cute you are running together."
I said "Take a picture because I am never doing this again."  I fully believed that, until I crossed the finish line and thought wonder if I could do that again?
I remember scoffing at my husband as crazy for his running streak.  Running everyday?  Are you kidding I can barely run 3 times a week without bribing myself with wine and pizza.  Flash forward and I am currently on day eighty of my latest streak.  I have committed to run everyday until the end of July.  This is my fourth mini-streak. 
I remember rolling my eyes when my husband said he needed a new pair of running shoes to rotate.  He had at least 8 pairs. I had one pair of running shoes and they seemed to be fine.  I mean I started running in my gym shoes, cross trainers. Flash forward I currently have 7 pairs in rotation. You know changing up your shoes makes you a stronger runner?
I always said I will never run more than a 5K.  That was so true until my husband said, "wouldn't it be fun to run the Peachtree Road Race together?"  All of sudden I was running a 10K.
I  thought all of this tech gear was crazy why couldn't I just wear my t-shirt and old gym shorts?  Hello chafing!  Also when I met my dear friend body glide. 
I always said I will never run over 10 miles, who needs to run over 10 miles?  It turns out if you are going to run a half marathon you have to run over 10 miles, and not just in the race, but on Sunday mornings when you used to sleep in, eat French toast, read the paper,  and drink coffee.
I always said I will never get a GPS Watch.  I have a running app on my phone.  I know how long I run.  Well I love my new Garmin.  It was so cool to download my workout today!  I know it will help me train for my upcoming half marathons, still deciding on the shoes to wear, and I hope my new Run Like a Girl Tech Shirt will arrive before Diva half. 
I wonder what else I am never going to do when I am running.
Today I am grateful for my new watch and a great run with the best running partner!
What will you never do?

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