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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day Top Ten List

Happy National Running Day!  One of the only national holidays that is not built upon excessive food consumption, at least not until after we run.

In order to celebrate I already completed 5K this morning and I am using my lunch hour to post my National Running Day Top 10 list. 

I run Because...

10. Bagels and wine exist (not at the same time, unless it has been an unusually late night)
9. My butt did not get any smaller sitting on it, so thought I would give this a try.
8. I know stupid people...and apparently assault is illegal.
7. There is no other way you can say Fartlek in a legitimate conversation.
6. Shoes...I mean really, come on.
5. The look on a co-worker's face  on Monday when they ask you what you did this weekend and you say "LSD" and walk away. 
4. Since the disco age has passed, it is the only acceptable place to don skin tight spandex, and not garner unwanted attention.
3. Cheaper than therapy...maybe not, but certainly more fun and definitely better outfits.
2. Because nearly everyone said I couldn't do it.

Thank you to my hubby who always believed in me, especially when I did not!
Get out and celebrate the run, because not everyone can...oh yeah run Fartleks! (See legitimate usage)

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