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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Running in the Heat

Today I remembered why I get up at 4 in the morning to run in the summer.  I hope you are sitting down for is hot in Atlanta in June at noon.  I know right?  Who would have thought?  Right, everyone.  We had to grocery shop this morning and were kind of enjoying Saturday morning, but then we went for our run at around noon.  Something my brave, crazy husband does every day and something whiney me, does like, never.  It was like running on the sun, only with a side of humidity. 

I know heat training makes me a better runner, even if it felt like running through quicksand today.  There are a couple of things I do to make sure I can make it through the summer season.

Body Glide on the feet and thighs for sure before a run. 
Preferred running attire is a tank, definitely.  Lucky me I can wear just the tank so lose the sports bra layer.
Hydrate, but not just right before the run.  Hydration is a habit.  I just drink water all the time during the day.  I want to always be hydrated.
SUNBLOCK!  I wear 70 on my face and 50 on my body.  I am only a shade paler than an albino white rabbit so it is essential. 
My hat after it has spent an hour in the freezer.  For a long run I will wet it first then put it in the freezer
Just got a new sweat band with beads I am supposed to wet and wear.  I have not tried it yet but might.
I add an electrolyte mix to a couple of my bottles of water during the day. 
I try to wear light colors.

All of that said I think I may just run when I get up tomorrow.  I would get it done, especially since storms this afternoon gave me an excuse to bail on my strength training at the gym and I need to get there tomorrow.  I am not like my husband and at my peak at high noon.

Today I am grateful for a house that keeps me cool, safe and dry.

How do you keep cool and safe in the summer season?


  1. Stay cool in this GA heat??? I was hoping that I would be more acclimated to the heat at this point, but after being sick for a month and the heat/humidity NOT helping my asthma...I haven't gotten out enough to get used to it. When I have been out it has been sitting at LAX games and not running! I am SOOOO gonna have the most horrible Peachtree Road Race experience this year!!

    1. I read your blog. Sorry you have been sick. If you are starting in an earlier corral it won't be too bad. The fun of the crowd should carry you through. Bummed we will be out of town and can't run! Feel better. I had bronchitis that became pneumonia in March and April. No fun no running, no nothing.