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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Runner's Random Thoughts

If you are old like me you may remember that Saturday Night Live Skit Deep Thoughts.  It would really be hysterical if they made one about Runners on a run.  So I am a soccer widow until the World Cup has less games a day.  This morning after yesterday's fun in the broiling sun; I decided if I was going to do a long run alone I would get out of bed and right out the door.  So that is what I did.  I had planned between 5-6 miles.  Still acclimating to summer and my half is more than 2 months away so no need to burn out. 
I ended up including cool down doing nearly 7 miles.  Sometimes I get carried away, don't pay attention to when I should have turned around and of course there is only one way back.  I don't know about you, but if I am not working through something on a run or chatting with my running partner the run is a series of very random, not so profound, thoughts like the one above.  So for 7 early morning, humid miles today I had a random array of thoughts:
Running is probably the only way a 45 year old can get away with wearing pig tails.
My running clothes are mostly purple and pink...should I get a purple flip belt? I think my pink one clashes.
Did I put on Body Glide?
I wonder if my glucose store is adequate from last night to run 6 miles without eating anything.
Would my husband answer his cell if he had to come pick me up at  the bike depot?
I wonder if they found that cat that was lost on the trail.
Did I put on Body Glide?
It is still hot.
That was nice of those cyclists to ride single file to pass.
Those cyclist riding three across forced me off the trail.  You don't own the trail you know!
What would I do if a burglar came running down Silver Comet from one of these houses carrying a TV?
You would have to be pretty fit to rob a house and run down Silver Comet with a TV.
Did I put on Body Glide?
Why am I running so fast? I am supposed to be slowing my pace.
Does anyone out here have whiter legs than me?
Can I wear flats at work tomorrow?  Yes, I don't have any meetings.
Are my hips more even now that I am going to my chiropractor?
I thought "YMCA" was on this running mix.
Hey, did I put on Body Glide?
So as you can see I got a lot of important things done today.  At least I got my run in and after a Slacker Saturday, followed it up with 40 minutes of upper body and core work at the gym.
Today I am grateful all I have to worry about is really nothing. 

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