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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why Run?...Why Not!

Running will be celebrated tomorrow.  It is National Running Day.  What will you be doing?  My husband will be running with a bib he printed out that says I Run to Live Boston Strong. You can print it out from the link above.  I will be running in the pitch dark, pre-dawn so I probably don't need a bib.  It did get me thinking I know we have been talking about this a lot on some of our blogs. So please lets add one more person; I mean isn't that how you make a movement.  Why do you run?  When people ask it; it seems simple and some reasons are obvious: for health, to lose weight, to get faster to reach a goal.  All good valid reasons.  Many have a terminus an end, right?  I reached my fitness goal.  I weigh what I want.  I got my PR.  If you did all that, first of all congratulations, you must be tired.  But if you did all that, would you still run?

If the answer is yes then why do you run?  If it isn't for the accolades or to fill some achievement void from when you were just an uncoordinated nerd who was no good at any sport...don't judge.  We all have our issues.  Why do you run?  My husband likes to say "would you ask me why I brush my teeth or why I get up in the morning or why I eat."  To him he runs because it is part of him.  Of course, temper that with the knowledge that he is a lunatic that has run everyday for the last 907 days.  I think I get his point.  No small feat since it has rarely happened in the last 21 years together, so I should definitely get some marriage cred here.  I get asked the why do you run question a lot, especially by non-runners.  If I get it I am sure "real" runners get it more.  I think the point is that it is the wrong question.  Why I ran today was different in some small way from why I ran yesterday.  Overall I run because I am a better me when I run.  I think the answer to the question when non-runners ask, why do you run? Is why don't you run?

Enjoy National Running Day.  Also this week is full of my favorite holidays!  Today is Hug Your Cat Day.  Since I have six, I should probably sign off and start doing that!


  1. Nice post!

    I run to improve my health and for my family. But I also run for the races and my love of running technology.

    It's my first time celebrating National Running Day. Great way to share running with others and maybe introduce it to a few new people!

  2. I need to do a why I run post! Thanks for sharing. Funny that it is also Hug Your Cat Day! ;-) Love kitties.

  3. I love this post! Especially "Why I ran today was different in some small way from why I ran yesterday. Overall I run because I am a better me when I run." Agreed. You want a better me? Let me have my run. I usually run in the mornings, so I schedule activities "later" (aka after 9 am) in the morning so that I can get up and get a run in so that the person I am meeting up with gets the BEST me for that day. Running helps me grow as a woman and without it, I'd be lost!