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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hot Hot Hot...Weekend in Running & Goals

Okay it is Georgia in June.  So it hot and humid and I usually try to minimize these impacts by running before dawn.  Well I do that except for the weekend when I run with my hubby.  So we were out and running around high noon Saturday and Sunday.  I can definitely feel that I am out of practice with these high temp runs.  It was a real effort and I was definitely slower.  Good thing I have a really light racing schedule until later in the summer.  Hubby is out of school and I am working...this is my favorite time of year.  Nothing like getting up at 4:30 AM, 2 hours after your better half went to bed.

Oh well I am still streaking, which is no big deal since it has only been 12 days.  It is the beginning of a new week and a new month so goal time.

June Goal - Run everyday as part of the Runner's World 2013 Summer Challenge. I think that is a broad enough goal for the month.

Weekly Goals
Return to some strength training.  Shoulder is fully healed and I definitely need to get back at some upper body training.
Cook at home more this week.  I have some good food and hubby has the grill.  Of course not Tuesday.  We go to our local park for Food Truck Tuesday.  great community event and great food.

Read More.  I started a great book by the Author of Kite Runner so I am excited.

Still working on being present and in the moment - will continue that.

Also still trying to work on adding value in my interactions.

Of course run everyday...see only monthly goal.

Hope you have a great week and success with your goals!!

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  1. Oh gosh. I am south of you and I cannot imagine running (or doing anything outside) at high noon. The thought of it makes me want to nap.

    Great job with your goals. Keep us posted on the book!