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Monday, June 24, 2013

Regimented or Adventurous

I was thinking this weekend about running, big surprise!  A couple of my Dailymile friends always comment on my consistency.  My husband was saying that some streak runners run the same time, the same route everyday.  They build that habit.  I have definitely used routine and habit to make my running consistent.  It occurred to me. What does that say  about us, if we have a regimented approach to our running or a more carefree mix it up approach?

I don't know for sure.  What I do know  is looking at myself and my husband we are definitely consistent runners.  I run 6 days a week and mix in mini-streaks of several weeks.  He, as discussed previously, is a streaker in year three.  You would assume that in this scenario I am the mix it up adventurous girl.  Not so.  I am pretty regimented.  I lay out my running clothes the night before.  I set my alarm and get out the door around 4:30 AM pretty much every work day.  On the weekends I like to do my long run, length will vary.  My morning runs are on the same route around my neighborhood and are usually three miles, unless I have a little extra time.  When I come in I put my running shoes away and select the pair for tomorrow morning and put them out.  I stretch and then I start my day.  To someone who is not as OCD as me, this might seem crazy. I would say this is pretty reflective of my personality. I get up everyday with a mental to do list and immediately in a routine, start checking them off.  I also have a list for the office and one for my return home.  There is a lot of comfort for me in consistency and running just naturally slipped in there.

On the weekends I like to mix it up.  I like to go somewhere new, run longer and it is no problem as long as the weekend to do list is done.  Now hubby is definitely a more adventurous, let the day happen, kind of guy about his running and his life.  One of the great mysteries of the world is what  does he do when getting ready that takes so long.   He runs when he wants, he runs different times, places, and distances.  He has also never seen a to do list, let alone have a mental one running in his head.  I would say for him and me that our way of running is an indicator of our way of being in the world. What does how you run say about you?


  1. So interesting, the little idiosyncracies we have.

    I am VERY regimented as far as times and days. I do mix up my route on the regular. Part of it is for safety and part of it is because I get bored of looking at the same things over and over.

    In real life, I am less than spontaneous, so even this little bit of mixing it up is a big departure from the norm for me.

  2. When I'm on a training plan, I'm super consistent and stick to it like crazy. When I'm not, it's totally hit or miss. I run where/when I feel like it.