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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Run Round the River

Today we enjoyed a Sunday AM trail run along the Chattahoochee River.  It was packed at Cochran Shoals with everyone putting in to raft, tube, and kayak.  We run here often but we could not believe how many folks were out today we had to stop and take some pics.

I have to admit I am primarily a road runner.  I don't know why.  I love hiking and I love being out in nature, but when I run I usually head for a road or paved trail.  I know trail running is good for me because it engages other muscles and requires that I slow down. This particular trail is pretty well groomed and not very technical, but it is really beautiful.
Chattahoochee Rafters from the bridge on the way back to the car
Today was another humid day.  I realize I should not be complaining considering the heat dome our friends in the Southwest are contending with right now.  I don't think I have what it takes to power through that.  Pretty sure it would be treadmill time for me!  I am hoping this running in the heat and humidity is good training for my half coming up in November.  Hubby and I were talking about it today on the run.  The race is actually two days after our anniversary so we are going to make our Columbus trip a little 15 year anniversary trip.

I told my friend and cat sitter the Half Marathon would be an anniversary trip and she said "you want to run 13 miles for your anniversary?"

I said, "no, I want to run 15 for 15 years, but a half is 13.1."  Hubby and I were discussing where he could meet me on the course.  We are going to pull out the course map and make a plan.  Looks like more heat and humidity for us this week with afternoon and evening rain.  Peachtree is just 4 days away!   Can't wait. Hopefully no storms, they have been largely confined to the later parts of the day so I am hopeful.   First race in over a month and the most fun you can have on the Fourth! Can't believe half the year is behind us.  because of that stomach flu I had 98 miles this month.  I am planning to extend my running streak for a while since I feel okay.  I would like to go at least 2 more weeks since I had to take June 8th off because of the stomach bug.  That would still have me completing the full Summer Challenge, just a little late.

Hope you enjoy our big heads!  Hubby said our heads are huge in this.  We block the boats!

Do you enjoy running road or trail?  Got any big races coming up?  Stay cool everybody, it is a challenge.

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