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Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Hot, hot, hot!

Happy first day of summer!! Got in late last night from work and was going to take a half day at work today so I decided to run with hubby around 12:30 PM.  It is amazing how running at pre-dawn you can completely forget that you live in the south and running in the afternoon is like running in the Amazon rain forest if it is located on the sun.  I am out of heat practice.  It is amazing how much slower I am in the heat and how much more effort it seems like I have to make.

 I guess I have a few things and items I use to make it bearable.

1) Athletic Sunglasses that don't fog up.
2) All weather dry wick ball cap
3) Anti-chafe (I use Body Glide)
4) Running sockless
5) Regular hydration all day.  You can't just decide I am going to run and down a bottle of water.  Hydration is a constant state and a constant project.
6) Sun block (If you are a first time reader I am so pale I am almost see through)
7) Tank top.  Can't do the layering of a Tee and a sports bra
8) Hubby (or appropriate running partner.  Appropriate means they could pick you up if you pass out from the heat)
9) The words slow down recorded on my I-pod (I need this but instead I have my husband doing it live.)
10) Extra strength antiperspirant.  (Hubby would say I need a new brand)
11) Something to tie back my hair in either pig tails or pony tails.

How do you survive in the heat?  Do you have any tips or tricks that make it work?  Oh yeah


  1. Basically, I go out early, before the day really heats up.

    Definitely need those sunglasses - the glare on the road can be brutal.

    And I hydrate as much as I can.

    Stay cool out there!

  2. I go in the evening after my husband gets in from work so it's not too hot. Clothing choice is a big one. I got some running shorts and they are much better than the running capris. Other than that it's drinking a ton of water during the day. I need my sunglasses even in cloudy weather because I'm worried about bugs in my eyes!