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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Running Friends...They're Everywhere

What is it about the fact that once you start running it seems that everyone you know is a runner.  I can't figure out if I just never noticed before, because I thought the idea of running anywhere if you were not being pursued seemed like a huge waste of time, or if all of these people just heard I was now running and figured "well there you go. If she can do it, I really am out of excuses."

A dear friend of mine that I have worked with for years called me today to tell me another colleague of ours was coming to Atlanta from Phoenix to run the Peachtree Road Race and he wanted to visit with me after the race. Everyone from their company and their invited guests party at the E balloon at Piedmont Park.  I agreed to meet Tom and Warren there with my hubby.  While Tom was on the phone he started listing all of these folks he knew we had in common.  After almost everyone I was like, he runs? she runs?  I know I sounded like a broken record.  I guess before I became a runner I never really gave it much thought.

Now that I run and I blog about it and read a lot of other running blogs it is a part of my everyday life and I am noticing all of these people that I never knew ran.  It has been kind of cool, because I have always been that kind of girl who only felt comfortable talking to people about work. As long as it was professional I was in my comfort zone.  Now I feel like I have this other side to me and to them and it is easier, because we share a common passion.  I find it amazing how something like running can go from something you never think about to such a central part of your life so quickly.  Just a random observation.