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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day...What's Your Spirit Animal?

Happy National Running Day!  I celebrated with an early morning party on the pavement, an easy 3 miler before work.  I hope you all got a run in to honor and celebrate the sport and passion we all love!  It got me to thinking what is quintessential about running and I thought of the book Born to Run .  It reminded me of when all the runners are coming in for the race and Micah True, who is known as White Horse (Caballo Blanco) is assigning spirit animals.  It is who you are at your true self so of course in keeping with the book that is when you are running.

Hubby and I read the book at the same time on our Kindles so we would talk about it.  I asked him what his spirit animal was and he said Caballo Amarillo (Yellow Horse).  I laughed, even though it is probably not politically correct, because I knew he chose that because he is Asian and we joke about him being a yellow fellow!  You can do that as long as it is a shared joke!

I think my spirit animal is a cat.  I have always identified with them.  Also since I run in minimal footwear with a light frequent strike I try to be silent and light when I run like a cat on the hunt.  I am in no way as graceful, but something about the way they are in the world is similar to me.

What is your spirit animal?  Did you read Born to Run?

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