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Friday, June 28, 2013

New Running Clothes and Tough Week

Today I got a new running tank and a cute white and neon green running skirt.  I am trying Ellie for the first time.  It is a ladies only, sorry guys, buying club for running clothes.  You get to select two pieces each month and you get them at a discounted price.  There are other perks for being a club member but mostly it is about the monthly order with two pieces of running clothes. They just came this afternoon so I haven't done anything more than try them on.  I like the way they seem to fit and tomorrow I will probably take the skirt our for a little spin.

I don't know about you but I love new running clothes!  I don't think just because you are sweating and working hard toward your goals you can't look cute.  For me I always think looking cute gives my run a little extra pep.  It might just be me.  A friend at work once said to me. "You are that girl at the gym I hate.  All tiny in a little matching workout outfit smiling through your workouts."  I guess I am guilty as charged, but I love running so the smile just happens, and I like cute clothes, running or working.  I am a girly girl, what can I say.

All that being said this has been a rough running week. Work has been crazy.  I have been tired and for some reason, even though I run on virtually and empty stomach, just a little Crystal Light Energy drink before heading out, I have had stomach cramps and just felt off during my run.  Doesn't help that it feels like you are running through a sauna.  Maybe it is just getting to the end of RW's Summer Streak.  Maybe work and tired legs have combined to make this a tough week.  The important thing is I am still getting out there.  At least today is Friday and we have the weekend.  Next week I only have to work Monday and Tuesday.  We get the 4th off and I took Wednesday and Friday.  I need the break, plus quality time with hubby who is a teacher.

Also I am excited that Thursday is the Peachtree Road Race.  The largest race in the US.  It is an incredible experience and the first race we have had in over a month.  I have been looking forward to that.  Hope everyone has great plans for the weekend and had an easier week than me!

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  1. I really like some of Ellie's pieces. I'm curious to see how they do for you when you give them a test run.

    When the streak is over, maybe you can give yourself a day or two of rest. It sounds like you deserve it!

    I'm excited to hear about the race on Thursday. It sounds like it's going to be incredible.