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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Running Ramblings...

Tested out my new running skirt today on a quick little 4 miler with the hubby!  I plan to wear my new tank top to the Peachtree Road Race on Thursday.  I did not really get them as a set.  I was filling in some gaps in my running wardrobe.  I love the skirt.  I have another running skirt but this one is shorter and lighter and it doesn't ride up.  Also it is white and neon green perfect for my pre-dawn runs so cars can see me. Hubby was patient enough to take pics this AM.  We decided to takes pics before the run so we weren't so sweaty.

It was a really warm run today.  The first mile was rough. It is amazing to me that we started that first mile and I thought  it is so hot I can't do this.  After the first mile I actually felt like it was cooler.  It wasn't cooler.  Hubby said what happens is that my body cools itself off with sweat.  I know by the time we finished I felt fine and of course I was sweaty!  Might be something to that!  Running is much harder for me in the summer, but I know runs like today will make me a better runner.  It ended up being a fun run and hubby and I love spending time together on weekend date runs.

I hope you have a great weekend and can enjoy some fun exercise and time with people you love!