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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Best Laid Plans...

So I am recommitting to the RW's Summer 2013 Running Streak.  I was sidelined Saturday when I woke up with a severe stomach flu.  As much as I wanted to, running was just not going to happen.  I was fully engaged in hoping I lived through this.  On the bright side woke up today to discover, what I hoped for yesterday was true, it was a 24 hour thing .  So after having half a glass of ginger ale all day yesterday; I managed tea and toast this am and planned to head out for a slow easy run with hubby.

He was amazing yesterday.  He took care of everything around the house and he really would have done anything to make feel better.  Sometimes things like this remind you to appreciate what you have.  He kept asking "can't I get you something for this?"  I don't know who was more grateful to see that the worst had passed this AM him or me.  I spent the morning rehydrating and we headed out to Swift Cantrell Park to do 3 miles before the predicted rain.  We just beat it and made it to the car as the rain started.

Of course I am disappointed about having to restart the streak but sometimes your body just can't do anymore.  That is definitely where I was yesterday.  Today I started over and recommitted.  Isn't that all we can really do when we have set backs?  It is nice to know how little fuel I need to get through 3 miles.  Hoping for a great week.  Things are expected to heat up in ATL starting Tuesday.

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