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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Coming Home

Vacation is great.  You get to see new things eat at new restaurants break up the monotony of the same old same old.  Coming home is better.  For me, I have  a good life.  I am pretty lucky: great husband, good friends, a job I love, and my health.  Vacation is not so much an escape from my reality but a chance to gain a new perspective and grow and explore with the person I love most.  It is always fun, but nothing is as fun as pulling in at home and seeing 6 little furry faces in the window with eyes that say "you came home again, no way!  I thought for sure this time you were gone for good this time."

Also nice to put on our running shoes and get out the door on a familiar route and run for fun and because we can.  It felt good today.  One of those effortless runs where everything just comes together.  Okay to be fair that is how it felt to me, hubby shared with me on our return home that he was not having the same experience.  I am sorry.  Sometimes that happens when you run together, and sometimes it happens if one of you is too wrapped up in enjoying your own run that you don't tune in to your partner.  Today that was me and I am sorry his first run back home suffered because of it.  I will do better tomorrow.  We have just a short pre-race run to keep our running streaks.  I promise to follow his lead and be a better partner.  Well I have 6 cats to make up to for abandoning them to a full time pet sitter.  They have a tough life!  The mountains were beautiful, but nothing beats coming home. 

Me at Long Creek Falls, a part of the Appalachian Trail.  As a water geek I had to hike to Falls.

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