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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Probably My Last Post

So since the world is ending tomorrow I am left with a few burning questions for which there may be no answer.  I am not talking about ridiculous questions.  I mean essential questions that can change the universe.  Like:

If the world is ending tomorrow, what time is it ending?  If it is like noon, do I still need to get up at 4:30 AM and get my run in? I mean it is  going to be cold and I could sleep in it's been a long week.

How is the world ending.  You would think in the age of Twitter and Facebook I could at least be able to download a program of impending Armageddon.  I mean what time do the locust arrive?  Are we talking about one big explosion or something more theatrical like a modern day reemergence of the ice age?  I heard it is going to be in the 20's in Georgia.  Who knows?  Are we talking a mammoth volcano?  Mayans seem particularly fond of volcanoes.

If this is happening is it happening in stages?  Will I have time to film or instagram some part of the world's utter demise and put it on Facebook and Twitter before everyone is gone?  I mean 6 Billion is a lot of people to wipe out. 

Why does the end of days have to precede my two week vacation?  I mean have we really checked that calendar, it is pretty old?  I can't even read the stuff on my office calendar I wrote in January of this year.

Lastly, possibly the most important question for all woman kind, if the world is ending tomorrow why didn't I have the birthday cake at work?

So on the off chance you are still around tomorrow and we find out that Mayans wrote Apocalypse on the calendar but that was only the name of their dentist, I will see you later.  Happy day before the end of the world!

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