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Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday - Just in Time Musings on the week

This has been the longest week, but I am proud of myself because I pushed through and kept up with my running streak for the holidays.  Today was tough!  When I saw it was 4:30 and time to get up I was like, really? 

That is why I lay my clothes out in the bathroom so they look at me first thing in the morning and guilt me into putting them on.  Once the clothes are on what are you going to do just get back in bed in your good running clothes?  It hardly seems appropriate to make breakfast in them, so off to get my shoes and start my morning off right.  What is the saying?  "You only regret the run you did not take."  It was true.  Got out there and felt good as soon as I hit the pavement.  I know I thought of killing fewer people today because of that run.

Yesterday spent the day in scenic Macon about 2 hours South of Atlanta.  I am on a road show teaching utility professionals how to complete the newly mandated Distribution System Water Audits.  It was a long and frustrating day.  The class went great.  The providers are really into it.  Would you assume a water plant would have electricity all the time?  Well yesterday you would have been wrong.  We kept losing power and telling our students we had a great slide here.  "Close your eyes and imagine."  It was ridiculous.  Then of course we head into downtown ATL at 5:15 PM.  Anyone familiar with Atlanta knows exactly what that means.  So Macon was 2 hours away at 5 AM and it was 4 and 1/2 hours away at 5 PM.  That is just the way of ATL traffic.

Then I have to stop and get one item at the CVS drug store.  One item!  The person in front of me has their "Extreme Couponing Binder!"  I was like really, today?

Then I get to the office today and I have a stack of issues on my desk, everyone a disgruntled customer and notes from various staff.  Can you handle?  We don't know what to tell them.  I got to spend 8 hours explaining the various reasons behind "our ridiculous bureaucratic policies, highway robbery water rates, and total staff incompetence."  This afternoon I am scheduled to finally get the wild mane tamed with a trim and herd thinning.  Can't wait.  It will no doubt be one of the best thing that happened all week. 

The other two were my new Skechers Go Run shoes, and hubby and I broke down and invested in a deal that was featured on Runblogger.  See pic below.  Now when we open the door to our laundry room it is like you hear a choir "awww" and see light streaming out like in one of those resurrection movies.  There are all our running shoes! 

Here's hoping everyone had a better week than me.  Most important in two weeks hubby and I will be taking  a two week vacation for the holidays!

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