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Monday, December 10, 2012


This morning my cats were going rogue.  Running around jumping each other, smacking the fat slow ones in the head and generally causing the ruckus that one might expect living with six opinionated little cats.  I was about to tell each of them how much they will be enjoying their trip to the humane society, and how if I was them I would start grooming now to make their best impression, when I thought how many people I know recently lost a beloved pet. 

So instead I gave them Temptations and considered temporarily drugging them with catnip.  This time of year people always recognize those who have lost someone special (parent, spouse, child, or any human loved one).  But just briefly I wanted to say I am sorry if the loved one you miss is of the four legged variety.  We know.  We have loved and shared our lives with many feline family members.  I miss each and everyone of them; their deaths were a real loss and caused us real pain.  I miss everything that made each of them unique, and for those without pets you may not know but every one is unique. So in honor of the cats we loved and for my friends missing their family members I remember our beloved babies that have past on.

Avery I remember your bravery and how you protected me when Daddy worked out of town.
Taz I remember how you could play ping pong even when you were 28 pounds.
Kali I remember your sense of humor and the way you loved laying under the Christmas tree.
Alex I remember how difficult you were, but mostly I still feel your eloquent body draped over my side at night.
Cammie I remember your spirit and your mischievous stealing, and of course Daddy remembers your soccer playing prowess.
Elspeth I remember the little monkey who could get anywhere and your passion for veggies that I never understood.
Baby I remember you as Daddy's girl and that soft white coat.
Jasmine I remember the "circle" and the way you purred and chatted with excitement when we came home.

You made our house a home.  When you passed on you left a void and you made room for some new cats to go rogue and be loved.  Even if they did all not know you: Frankie, Mo, Georgia, Pablo, Jazzy, Lena, and of course Mommy and Daddy always love you!  We miss you.  Hoping where ever you are there is a giant cat nip Christmas Party like we used to have.

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