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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Running Catharsis

The holiday season is a busy time and usually I am not that delightful to live with during this time.  This year I decided to do the Runner's World Holiday Running Streak.  I am on Day 32 of running everyday.  I have to say that I was doubtful that fitting in running in a hectic time of the year would be beneficial, but I have to say it has been.  It is amazing how running helps me stay centered, how even with running shoes and cute outfits, it is so much cheaper than therapy.  I have also been amazed about how universal it seems.

With the tragedy of Friday in Newtown, so many of my runner friends have said they had to go out and run, because it is on the road or on the trail that they come to grips with things or have time to contemplate. Some even said let me go out three miles so I can cry for those victims and then run it out.  Running is cathartic and it is calming.  I hope you have your thing to get through this or to get through a stressful holiday season.  I for one just felt fortunate that when I looked to my left this weekend on my runs I saw my best friend, life partner, and running buddy.  Days like Friday help you realize that having those you love beside you, may just be enough.  The Christmas gifts we went shopping for this morning after a rainy run just seemed frivolous, doing it together priceless.  Amazing how quickly you can gain a new perspective.  Why does it have to be in the face of so much loss?

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