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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random Observations

Sharing a car is much more difficult when you are a grown adult used to doing what you want when you want.  Boy have I gotten selfish!  When I was a kid sharing a car with my sister was easy of course we both wanted to do the same things: shop, hang out without our friends, and pick up boys.  My husband isn't much up for any of those.

Wal-Mart may be the crossroads of America, but there is something off putting about the whole experience.  It always takes me at least a day to recover from what I see.

At Kroger if you want to buy an Amazon gift card for $30.00 your only option says Happy Birthday!  So before Christmas I need to etch "Jesus" in the same font and color.  Fortunately, I don't have anything else to do.

The closer to vacation I get the less actual work I seem to accomplish at work.  In theory I should be working double time to make sure everything is up to speed, but I find I might have adopted an it can wait until 2013 attitude.  It also could be that my boss spent much of the week talking about my future that involved no increase in pay but a huge increase in work.

Multi-tasking by picking up your husband and having a cellphone conference call with a state regulatory agency will probably make your spouse edgy.  "Okay, okay you can drive to the mechanic."

I don't miss having a Christmas tree.  We have 6 cats and having a tree is more like being a zoo keeper in the monkey exhibit.  The whole effort was exhausting and it is difficult to enjoy the relaxing ambiance of a Christmas tree while untangling a cat from a string of Christmas lights and sweeping up the 5th star of Bethlehem to crash to an early demise. 

Sometimes the best run you take is when you stop focusing on all you know about running and just run.  Did that today.  Decided to run like a first grader to honor the little Sandy Hook victims.  Now I remember why little kids like to run so much.

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