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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Good Things and New Shoes

Today was a good day.  I came home early from a dear friend's retirement party. She was lauded by many for her dedication to water and a long career in public service.  I was one of the fortunate people who was asked to say a few a words about her.  When the event was over I went to say good-bye to her and she squeezed my hand and said "what you said, really?  You really felt that way?"  I immediately said "of course.  How could you not know that?"  Then I realized maybe she did not know it because in all the many conversations we had and meaningless chit chat about nothing...Um, I never told her.  Today I got to tell her in front of about 200 of her co-workers, her grown daughters, and her husband.  I am grateful I got that chance.  If I hadn't been asked to speak maybe she would have left today and thought Kathy was fun to work with, but she never would have known how she shaped life and my career and how I value her as friend.  If you have those people, we need to be more vigilant in telling them.  Guess what?  They aren't mind readers after all.

So following that I came home and last week's cyber Monday purchase was on my door step.  Brand new Skechers Go Run Shoes!

Today was supposed to be my 1 mile rest day on my running streak, but you see the new shoes right?  So we all know that did not happen.  Home early, new shoes, the universe is saying "take them out for a test drive."  I don't know what it is about new shoes but when you get them on you have to test them out.   Might have gone a little crazy.  Last mile under 9 minutes and the last 1/4 mile under 7  minutes.  Today was supposed to be a rest day.  Oh well we can rest tomorrow.  Did I mention that it is December 4th and it is 75 degrees out?  Who can resist that?

Of course there is no such thing as me or my husband getting something new.  Anything new that comes in is now part of the cat cooperative that calls our home mission control.  Jazzy was particularly intrigued with my post run new shoes.

To be fair Jazzy is obsessed with all my post run clothes and shoes.  Unlike hubby, Jazzy loves how I smell after run!  Now that is true love.  I enjoyed the Go Runs and they are particularly good for someone like me who is always a forefoot striker. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  Who do you need to tell how much they mean to you?

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