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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Month in Review

Today is the last day of July and I had to be the weirdo running in the torrential monsoon this AM otherwise I would have missed my 100 miles in July goal.  Lucky me I had company! Hubby had to start back to school today.  So he joined me on my 4:30 AM run this morning.

We started out and I said oh good thing we are running early it is already drizzling. Well, drizzling gave way to downpour around 1 mile out.  Hey it's only rain so we finished our 1.5 out.  You know the funny thing about an out and back?  No matter what happens during the out there is only one way back.  So for us that was a little run/swim back home.  I have a soaked running skirt, sports bra and shoes to prove I made 101 miles for July.

Other accomplishments:

I did mange to keep up my plank a day
I ran everyday this month but one (while at my conference)
I read two books
I did cook more when we were at home
I focused on helping some folks at work and really invested in mentoring some people.
Hubby and I found time to be together.
We completed two races and are ready to start August with 3 back to back.  Starting Saturday!

All  in all it was a successful, not perfect month.  I am sure I did not eat as well as I could have and I am pretty sure I remember the occasional glass of wine.  With hubby back at work the daily routine has returned here.  Looking forward to a fun August.  let's hope we get a break from the rain.


  1. That is quite a list of accomplishments. Isn't it amazing how a goal can send you out the door regardless of the weather?

  2. Yeah I guess that's why we keep setting goals. Keeps pushing us out the door.