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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Busy Conference Week and Working Out

Got back yesterday from Savannah.  It is such a beautiful city and the conference was great.  It was busy, but really nice to see all my fellow water professionals.  The days started early and ended late.  Also Savannah is a beautiful city steeped in Southern traditions.  It is steeped in Southern food.  Heavy on the fried, light on veggies.  It is a challenge to find a really health food choice!  Also the heat and humidity kick the running effort up a notch.

I did manage to run everyday except for Monday.  Monday another member and I organized a Fun Run for the conference attendees. I guess helping others run is as good a reason as any to miss my workout.  We had to be out at 5 AM to organize the run and then I had to get showered and back at the conference.  By the end of the day the motivation was lacking.

I did make my additional days to confidently claim completing the Runner's World Summer Running Streak.
I also managed to get my plank a day in each day.  So it was pretty successful.  I also managed to find some hubby time. 
Also the conference was a little overwhelming for me.  During the awards presentation I was surprised to be awarded the William Greene Award for career service to the water profession and also received the President's Award for my contribution to The Georgia Association of Water Professionals. I am not sure I deserve this recognition but it was very touching.  I give back by volunteering in the water industry so it means a great deal to me.  

Most days started with a treadmill run around 5 AM.  The Hyatt has a beautiful gym and the treadmills face the River so you can really enjoy your run.  On Wednesday I did not have to be at the conference so hubby and I braved hot and humid Savannah for a pre-travel morning run from the hotel to our favorite spot in Savannah, Forsyth Park.  It is beautiful running under the live oaks dripping with Spanish Moss.  Hubby brought home a bunch of Spanish Moss.  he really wants to grow some.  I hope he is able to.  Lord knows we have had enough rain.  If it is ever going to work; now is the time.  Hope you all have had a great week.  Sorry for the radio silence, but just could not fit in blogging! 

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