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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Halfway Through the Year Goal Check: The Good, the Bad, and the in Progress

So it is early July and it is review and reset time on my goals for the year.  I don't really call them resolutions because I know I am pretty imperfect and these are really more to keep me on a positive path.  Working toward them I am sure to do better than if I had no goals at all.    First, when I make my end of year goals I am always on the two week break I take with hubby over the holiday, so the stress of everyday life and my job are not in the forefront of my mind.  This means I am typically more optimistic than realistic.  So let's see how I am doing.

Run my first 1/2 Marathon - Done in February, registered for my next in Columbus on November 9, 2013.

Run 1500 miles for the year. - Behind for the total but way ahead of last year over 500 miles so far and mileage will be kicking up for the half.

Run everyday - Working on my second streak of the year.  Have many 7 run weeks.  Had one week off when I had the Flu, Bronchitis and Tonsilitis.  Every week I run is a 6 run week.  Big improvement over 4 or 5 run weeks of last year. 

Strength train twice a week - Okay, if you have read my blog this is hit or miss for me.  Though recently inspired by some of you, I have started Plank a Day.  At least I can do this right after my run.  

Eliminate most TV (all pointless reality TV) - We changed our TV subscription to basic (hubby and I both see the need for this one.) - Not done great.  After a long day sometimes you just need mindless entertainment.  I do watch mostly cooking shows so at least we get good recipes.

Write more - always a passion.  I only recently rediscovered it writing this blog. - Have been really consistent with my blog and have discovered other great blogs/bloggers and wonderful support. 

Eat more variety especially new grains - We are eating all kinds of new recipes (thanks food Network, Top Chef, Master Chef, etc.).  We are totally addicted to a new veggie pasta.  Tried Quinoa; we were not fans.  Have incorporated more cous cous and other foods. 

Do more together - We will be going to the High Museum on Thursday and we have been going to festivals and of course our runs that take us around the area.  

Listen more talk less -Doing better.  Not where I want to be.  It is a process. 

Read more.  I have read about 6o books on 100 Books to read before you die I hope to read all of them, maybe not all this year. - I have read about 20 books so far this year. Found out I don't want to read all the books on this list but have found both fiction and non-fiction I love. 

Cook more at home - Doing this.

Donate to charities I care about: Water related charities, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and animal related charities. - I have some donations taken from my check.

Spend more time with the cats - Yes. Especially this long weekend since we need an ark to leave the house.

Work as hard as I can at work and then leave it there and be fully in the moment at home. -Hubby would be the one to ask, but I feel like I am doing well with this, especially compared to how I used to be.

Say yes to work projects I know I will enjoy and that will advance my field, and no to the time sucking activities that only frustrate me. - I struggle with saying no, but I have turned down a few things, but I am terribly over scheduled at an upcoming conference in a week and I can see where I should have said no. 

Tell people in my life what they mean to me - Done well with some people, not everyone.

I would say it is a mixed bag.  I stick by the fact I would definitely not be making progress without the goals.  I think I need to focus on the listening more and telling people what they mean to me for the second half of the year.  I feel good about most of my fitness goals.  

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